A Cloud of Color


  • Various Circus, Theatre, Performance programs:

  • Auckland Point School funded by Nelson Creative Communities Scheme

  • Tapawera/Appleby Schools funded by TDC and Sports Tasman Grants

  • Waimea Special Ed. and Inclusive Sports funded by Sports Tasman

  • Nelson StreetFest funded by Nelson Regional Development Agency

  • Motueka/Mapua StreetFest's funded by TDC Creative Communities Scheme, Motueka Discretionary Fund, OurTown Motueka, Jellyfish cafe, Image Creators

  • Our Town Motueka Starlight parade, Winter Festival Event Support and Entertainment provider 2015-20

  • Richmond Bussiness Assocation Event Provider 2017-20.

  • 'Lift Off' - Entertainment provider 2019.

  • Nelson City Council Event Provider 2015-20

  • MSD 'Making a Difference Project' (2012-13) – Performance & Circus project working with special needs,

  • The Hub Youth Development Project (2012) – Theatre workshops

  • Canterbury Community Trust Click Project (2012) – International Youth Theatre Project

  • MYD Tomorrows Leaders Today Projects & Leadership workshops (2010-13)

  • Refugee Youth Video project (2011). NCC

  • Nelson Youth Theatre (2010-12) NCC

Inspired Productions Trust is a ‘Top of the South’ based Arts Charity specialising in Circus, Theatre, Film and Performance as a platform for individual development and community engagement, through workshops and Community performances. We have a group of highly skilled, trained professionals with decades of experience around the World, who have been delivering high-quality programs and stunning performances throughout the region since 2008.

We also Produce our own events

Supply event and logistic support, performances and workshops to community, council and private events.  

☺ Develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, physical fitness & increase cognitive function
☺ Improve self-esteem & confidence through learning new skills, take calculated risks
☺ Team building, communication skills, conflict resolution, empathy & understanding, mutual respect regardless of age, race or gender, connect across social divides, foster an inclusive, co-operative outlook through inter/personal/group fun activities
☺ Promote healthy lifestyles through activities undertaken in workshops