Pipi Ayesha Evans
Head Facilitator

Rob Bloor
Manager / Facilitator

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Kim Potter
WebMaster / Film Maker

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Meet The Creative Team
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Fraser Hooper
Clown Masterclasses / Directing

The Twisty Twins
Acrobalance / Aerials Specialists

Steve Wilbury
Magic / Manipulation


Circus, Physical Theatre & Performance​

☺ Develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, physical fitness & increase cognitive function
☺ Improve self-esteem & confidence through learning new skills, take calculated risks
☺ Team building, communication skills, conflict resolution, empathy & understanding, mutual respect regardless of age, race or gender, connect across social divides, foster an inclusive, co-operative outlook through inter/personal/group fun activities
☺ Promote healthy lifestyles through activities undertaken in workshops

Balloon Modelling (Example of Online Workshops Incase of Covid)

All programs are designed & implemented according to NZ government guidelines/protocols around hygiene, social distancing, contact tracing

All programs can run at Alert Levels 1 & 2

Contingencies are in place for Programs to be delivered remotely at Levels 3 & 4   

Fully trained and vetted Facilitators, Stringent Health & safety, Robust risk assessment & management, Full Public Liability Insurance 

Giant Bubbles

Clown MasterClass/Show creation

AcroBalance / Adagio

Magic / Manipulation

Available Acts

Mr Wizowski - Juggling Through Time

Mr Wizowski - Blown Away

Vinyl Burns - Variety Act

The Fun Police - Interactive Eco Roving